Friday, March 25, 2011

enjoy and love adventure - day six


Today's was a bit of a sleepy adventure. It's been a long, hard week and the weather has turned cold and rainy. Tonight my sweetie built a fire, perhaps our last for a while, and it's nice and cozy in our little country cabin.

Certainly the highlight of my day was volunteering at the local street (homeless) newspaper, The Contributor, which I started doing shortly after posting this last August. The staff and volunteers I assist are such wonderful people. It's 2 hours of laughter and fun and always lifts my spirits. I just open bundles of papers and count them into these neat stacks of 10 for the vendors to buy from us for $.25/paper and sell for $1.00. I love my interaction with the vendors, many of whom know me as the Library Lady.

People have really turned their lives around selling these papers. Working for themselves is perfect for a lot of these folks and there's a lot of pride in selling a great paper. The office provides a few of the things people get from a workplace, too, like water, a clean restroom, and respect.