Saturday, March 19, 2011

the enjoy and love adventure


Lately I've run across some amazing things that people are doing, such as Susan Piver's Open Heart Project and Jennifer Louden's Savor and Serve Experiment. And then there's the wonderful Dream Lab with Andrea Scher and Jen Lemen that I've gotten such benefit from the several times I've joined them.

As spring officially begins and I'm responding to the call I'm hearing to clarify my sense of purpose and live a more soulful life, I thought it would be fun to explore that here, as a project/experiment/lab. So after a trip to the thesaurus, today I'm beginning my Enjoy and Love Adventure! I love how this sounds like a children's mystery book or TV show title and implies that risks will be taken, that there will be wrong turns and plenty of scrapes:)

Each evening I plan to record how the adventure unfolded that day, for better or worse, and hopefully how I fed my soul through moments of beauty and connection. We'll see what happens...