Monday, March 14, 2011

more good stuff


I hope you enjoyed this past week and my own humble version of one of the most popular books in a fine press book collection I help oversee at my work, The Temple of Flora. It was such a fun treat on that gray Sunday when I visited Cheekwood to find all of those glorious flowers!

Once again I've been knocked out by so many wonderful, inspiring posts on the blogs I follow. I just have to share a few excerpts here:

"What takes a lot out of me is trying to be someone I’m not. Truly, when I can settle in to being utterly myself and not think I’m supposed to be wise or know it all, I have a blast." from Susannah Conway's interview with Jennifer Loudon

"For me, the spiritual journey is not about growing more certain about the world, but embracing more and more the mystery at the heart of everything. In a world where so many people are so very certain about the nature of things, especially in religious circles about who God includes and excludes, I believe unknowing calls us to a radical humility." from Kristin Noelle's interview with Christine Valters Paintner on Trust Tending

"But the things that are before us must be walked through, whether words come along for the ride or not. My body has come to mean so much more to me these days--I feel things in my joints and in my chest and remember that I have not quite laid them down. I feel my toes pressing into the earth when there is nowhere to stand but here, and when I'm not sure which way to go I let one foot simply move in front of the other." from the ever-lovely Jen Lee