Monday, July 21, 2014

summer residential adventure

pacifica hills

Back from my summer residential at Pacifica and it has made me ravenous for stories! We did an amazing workshop with Ginette Paris and now I just want to amass a huge vocabulary of images - written and visual both. That's the big draw right now.

pacifica flowers 1

pacifica tree

pacifica feather

pacifica eucalyptus closer

pacifica flowers 2

Sunday, July 13, 2014

good stuff adventure

mr grape

I'm getting ready to go out to school this week, so I'm just going to share two things that made me smile recently. One is Mr. Grape. I have no idea what the grapes themselves are like, but I loved the packaging. "What will make these grapes stand out?" "I know - we'll call them Mr. Grape!" I just seems so The Simpsons to me.

And then I was talking with a friend about my new, and beloved, writing practice and how I have no interest in if anyone ever sees what I'm doing, that I just love getting up early and seeing what appears on the page. He recommended this poem and I loved it!

Between Races by Charles Bukowski

I know that I'm not supposed to bother
you, he said.

you've got that right, I

but, he went on, I want to tell you
that I was up all night
reading your
latest book.
I've read all your
I work in the
post office.

oh, I said.

and I want to interview you for
our newspaper.

no, I said, no

why? he asked.

I'm tired of interviews, they have
nothing to do with

listen, he went on, I'll make it
easy for you, I'll come to your
house or I'll buy you dinner at

no, thank you, I said.

look, the interview isn't really for
our paper, it's for
me, I'm a writer and I want to get
out of the post

listen, I said, just pull up a chair
and sit down at your

no interview? he asked.

no, I answered.

he walked

they were coming out on the track
for the next race.

talking to the young man had
made me feel

they thought that writing had
something to do with
the politics of the

they were simply not
crazy enough
in the head
to sit down to a
and let the words bang

they didn't want to
they wanted to
succeed at

I got up to make
my bet.

no use letting a little
ruin your

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Inuit adventure

I feel so grateful for all the wonderful things I'm exposed to through Pacifica! Our assignment for this week was to watch The Snow Walker. For some reason I was really resistant to this movie. I checked it out from the library a while ago and ended up having to turn it back in unwatched. I then bought a copy cheap off of Amazon just to keep things simple and again I just put it on the shelf until this week rolled around. And, of course, once I actually watched it I fell completely in love. Who's surprised?

I then read the short story that the movie is based on (after watching the Making Of, of course), "Walk Well, My Brother" by Farley Mowat, which can be found in a collection titled, appropriately enough, The Snow Walker. Then I fell completely down the Inuit rabbit hole and watched this, which speaks for itself.

So much goodness!!