Sunday, June 11, 2017

Some of you may remember that I chose "rest" as my word for the year for 2011. It's also my motto for most Sundays - a day of napping and soul nourishment. I love rest. And one of the best things to happen this week was learning about Dan Howard, a man with a deep appreciation for rest. This feels like a big discovery for me and potentially a real game-changer. He makes a helpful distinction between telling oneself to relax and inviting oneself to rest. Relaxing still seems to be a doing. Resting is more innate. So, the relaxation project becomes a rest invitation. I can feel a change already and I invite you to join me by watching this introductory video and then checking out Intentional Resting for yourself.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

"Over and over, researchers studying happiness have found that the situational elements people crave — money, social status, possessions — don’t reliably lead to an experience of well-being. By contrast, learning to find joy in the present moment (a.k.a. focusing on experiences you truly want in your life) increases life satisfaction, improves health, and allows us to live longer, more fulfilling lives."
- Martha Beck

I've been enjoying playing around with Martha Beck's good magic that she describes here in more detail. Thinking of how I feel when I'm most myself — relaxed, content, and playful — and tapping into those feelings more and more often throughout my regular life, makes everything feel richer and more vibrant. Elena Brower describes this as my "home frequency" in her wonderful Sounds True audio, The Return Home, which provides practical ways to connect to it. So grateful for all the wisdom and support available to us on our journeys!