Monday, March 28, 2011

enjoy and love adventure - day nine


Today was kind of a mixed bag. I got to work and immediately realized that in rushing to catch the bus I'd forgotten to shut my computer down at the end of the day on Friday, which we'd been repeatedly asked to do since the power would be off and on over the weekend. Clearly someone else had turned it off for me, but I had a hard time letting myself off the hook for this one. Earlier on my drive in to work I totally mis-timed a signal and ran a red light - thankfully no cops and really no one else at all was around - but that still felt very out of character. And then on my way out of work I put my water bottle in my backpack and immediately realized that the top wasn't fastened and dumped a good bit of water in there - thankfully down the pocket I keep my umbrella in, so my new camera, phone, wallet, book, outgoing mail, and other paper odds and ends stayed dry. Fairly miraculous.

The good news is that someone kindly turned my computer off for me, I didn't cause an accident (or get a ticket), and the contents of my backpack were pretty unscathed. Poor Maxine - I've already got her watching out for me! And the other good news is that I was kind to myself in each incident. I'm just rushing too much these days. In each case I was hurrying, which I truly believe is a form of violence, but one I'm very susceptible to.

So I'm turning back to my intention for this year, to remember to rest. Listening to an amazing John O'Donohue talk this afternoon I loved hearing this: "[Meister] Eckhart says nothing in the universe resembles God so much as rest." And very interesting that when I googled this quotation it appears that he actually said "nothing in the universe resembles God so much as silence." Oh John, how did you know that I needed rest more than silence?:)