Monday, March 21, 2011

enjoy and love adventure - day two


"That’s why I believe that meditation and yoga are so successful in bringing about my own creativity. They create space for inspiration to flow into."
~ Nicola's Monday Mantra

"May it shape a new space in your heart..."
~ John O'Donohue's Blessing for a Friend on the Arrival of Illness

"I really think there's something gained by slowing down the ideas..."
~ Jen Lee's video about her awesome new project

"Why do I return to Haiti again and again?
Well, it's simply to plant a tiny seed
of Presence--and then water it
with great Openness."
~ Joe Zarantonello's newsletter

Today the theme for the dispatches from the universe seemed to be about space, so I headed to the most spacious-feeling destination in my local downtown environment - the plaza surrounding the William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower.





There's something about the whole feel of the space and the new, spring plantings that reminds me of visiting the Getty Center when it first opened years ago, so it all seems lovely, artful, and intentional to me.

It felt great to open to the physical space and feel the wind rushing all around me, blowing all my thoughts and cares away. And I found myself returning and returning to the question of authenticity. When all the extra "stuff" blows away, what's left?