Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a beautiful mess


And I can't pass up mentioning these posts as well:

Dani Shapiro on The Noble Failure: "So. Failure. What does it mean, to attempt failure? I think it's actually incredibly liberating."

My Squam yoga instructor, Michelle Madden Smith's account of her vacation in "paradise": "i want to wrap this all up in a nice little package and put a bow on it…but i can’t seem to find the lesson that ties it all together. because there isn’t one."

Kal Barteski's Ugly Beautiful Truths here and here - and the comments: "Sometimes the truth isn't beautiful. Sometimes there's beautiful in the truth."

And, of course, there are situations in the world that just aren't beautiful. Looking at images of the tragedy in Japan and worrying about family members there, feeling overwhelmed by the scale of the suffering, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected. My deepest wish is that in the midst of the sadness and fear and loss that there may still shine moments of beauty and love and hope.