Thursday, August 19, 2010

Contributor vendors

The Contributor newspaper describes itself as: "Nashville's street newspaper. We strive to print a monthly paper that provides both a diversity of perspectives on homelessness and a source of income for homeless and formerly homeless individuals while creating community between vendors and customers."

Because of my work, I'm already friends with a lot of the vendors. I agree that The Contributor provides a wonderful opportunity for people to have a relationship with people they might not otherwise interact with and to read good, thoughtful writing about a complex situation. I love our Contributor vendors!

Update: I just discovered a powerful project, documenting the faces of homelessness, Invisible People. These videos break my heart. I know some of the faces of homelessness. I also know the sense of helplessness to make a difference. What can we do? For now, the best I can do is keep asking the question with an open heart and love for my brothers and sisters who are struggling, helping in the small ways I am able.