Sunday, August 29, 2010

Magical disappearing - and reappearing - house

For some reason I consistently get these two local corner lots confused:

I'm sure I shouldn't be admitting this. I make this drive practically every day and have for over a decade. But even after having stopped to take these pictures today, I still find myself struggling over which one I would see first in my drive, what they're across from, etc. This is not a common problem for me, but there's just something about these two particular corners. And what's been interesting to me is how depending on what corner I actually notice in my drive, in the back of my mind I'll think, "Oh, that's too bad that they tore that pretty old house down." Or, "Well, there's that house again. That's weird." Do I really think life is so magical?

Apparently so, because earlier this summer I had a total love affair with our local toads. Every night, when I was putting our bird feeders away (anti-raccoon maneuver) I would stop and look around for toads and then crouch down near them and send them all kinds of loving energy. Like some kind of crazy maitri practice: "Oh, cute little toad, I hope that only good things happen to you and you stay safe and nothing bad ever happens to you. Oh, you are the cutest, most wonderful toad in the world!" Well, after another impassioned toad blessing, this happened:

Only not so fast and not so bright. Just that all of a sudden his heart lit up, like in E.T. And honestly, I really did think for a second or two that it was an expression of the toad's love for me, too. But of course, he had only eaten a firefly. Still, that's kind of magical, or at least it is to me.