Sunday, August 1, 2010

Super Savorer

So, as you may have read in my post last week, I’ve recently re-opened my dialogue with… I guess… life? It’s hard for me to put into a word. I think other people would call it God, probably. For me, it’s silence, the deep, rich, wise silence of the life that we are all a part of. As I mentioned, David Whyte and Trish Ryan really inspired me to come back into relationship with this. And I’ve been listening really carefully to see if there’s anything I’ve been missing, any wrong path I might have headed down, anything my life wants from me that I haven’t been attending to. And in that listening and that silence I’ve become deeply aware of how beautiful my life is just as it is. And maybe it’s also partly the sultry summer weather in the South, but I find myself just savoring my life. During this August Break I’ll be sharing some of the things I find myself savoring these days. How is your life currently bringing you joy?