Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yesterday as I was alternately dilly-dallying and rushing to get to my CSA pickup before noon (bless the new farmer's market pickup and that extra hour!) I realized that I was grading myself on my tardiness to pick up the veggies. Apparently I have a grading scale related to when I get to our farm pickup. This was news to the rational part of my mind. On my strict scale, anything before 10am is an "A" and it goes downhill after that.

Now, I can assure you that our farmers do not care when I come by. I think that they do care if I come by:) And I will tell you that yesterday when I scurried up at about 11:50, they appeared to be delighted to see me, greeting me with the same warm reception that I enjoy and appreciate every week. We talked about the deliciousness of fresh, still starchy, not too sweet, still curing sweet potatoes. We talked about the amazing alternative farming techniques of the late Fukuoka. We did not talk about how I have to get my life together and get to the West Nashville Farmers' Market before 10am every weekend.

So I'm shaking things up around here. I'm taking away the grading scale, and this is across the board. If I get dinner on the table after 7:30, there is no grade to go down. If I don't serve a farm vegetable with dinner on Saturday night, there is no grade to go down. If I don't have anything to say and have a great video to post here, there is no grade to go down. (The list could go on...) We're going pass/fail and everyone who shows up passes. And that's that!