Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Creativity habits

This week's Spring into Action prompt is How do you make creativity a habit?

Initially I thought I'd have to pass on this one, because I don't really see myself making creativity a habit in terms of activity. In other words, I don't make time on a regular basis for creative pursuits, a.k.a. "making art," at least not in the same way that I get up at a certain time every day or do the laundry and shopping at set times on specific days. To me those are habits.

Now, I will say that because I have strong habits around things that need to be done, I do have spaces in my life to fit creativity in, so my creative activities probably do benefit from my being a creature of habit. And now that I think a little more about it, making a commitment to try to post something here each day also helps foster my creative habits to some degree.

However, in terms of my mental state, more and more I see that I approach my life with a lot of creativity. I think it is becoming a mental habit - probably somewhere after fear:) When I'm confronted in my life with something new, maybe initially I'll be delighted or excited, then my old friend fear is almost guaranteed an appearance, maybe then good old debilitating perfectionism, but I'm kind of on to these guys these days. More and more I catch myself and reach into my toolbox and there is curiosity, there is openness, there is imagination, there is play, in short, there is creativity.

I'd have to say that's how creativity is showing up as habit in my life these days. And I'm damn grateful for it.