Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Genuine Imagination

I've been pondering my Style Statement for the past couple of weeks and I'm delighted to say that I think I've settled on a statement that feels true: Genuine Imagination.


SPIRIT: Authentic & real, Genuine wants to be fully itself & deeply appreciate people & experiences that are free of hypocrisy or dishonesty. Sincerity is sweet music to their souls. They gravitate to those who are down-to-earth & unpretentious. They are expert at sensing the discomfort & needs of others, & so excel at putting people at ease, drawing on their humor, good manners, or tenderness to do so. Genuine has a knack for taking the best & leaving the rest. They want the facts. They rarely suffer fools, & don’t make much time for situations that go against their grain or distract them from their goals. It’s fairly easy for them to walk away from situations that aren’t serving them. Genuine’s motto tends to be “Live & live.” Ironically, Genuine can struggle with balancing outer image with its inner desires &, for better or worse, will fake it to make it. They have a special fondness for originality & appreciate things that last & endure as well as people & principles that have stood the test of time.

LOOK & FEEL: Comfortable & comforting. Strong craftsmanship, standing the test of time. Almost anything goes with Genuine’s fashion as long as it feels right. Genuine adores tried-&-true brands & things, & places & people steeped with history & character.


resourcefulness, ingenuity, creativity, powers of invention, vision, inspiration, inventiveness, mind's eye, thoughts, imaginings, dreams, fancy, mind

Part of what makes it feel right is that there's something a little contradictory about it. Also, that it makes me think of this classic song from my childhood:)