Saturday, February 26, 2011

Standing in my truth

Below my feet


and above my head on this beautiful morning


Recently a phrase popped into my head that's been really powerful for me. "I need to stand in my own truth." Here are some of my truths that have become clear for me lately:

I love the part of my job that's about connecting with and serving people with a powerful sense of love and joy - using my information superpowers (and smile) for good feels like my true life work, a sure fire way into flow for me

I love public transit, especially getting to sit on the bus among kindred spirits and read to and from work

I need a lot of time to myself in our sweet country home

I love remembering I have this amazing, wise body that loves to be remembered and used

I spent two early years of my life on a Choctaw reservation and although I am not Native American, parts of their culture were an important early influence on me and I have a deep soul connection there

I have a fierce love of all my family - just looking at their sweet faces in pictures reminds me of how blessed I am

I truly married the love of my life and so enjoy this journey through life together, as we grow and change and laugh through it all

I love glimpses into other people's lives, their passions and pain and purpose

I love all the different spiritual influences I've had in my life and don't want to limit myself to following just one

I can take too much on, just through passionate interest, and then start to feel trapped under the weight of it all - I love that movement back to simplicity, too

And, oh, how I love sunny days