Sunday, February 6, 2011

five (really) good things


1. blue sky today - this photo was taken just minutes ago:)

2. a cozy evening by the fire watching Wise Blood with my sweetie for the second time. We first watched it together about 18 years ago in my funny Boston apartment - I had absolutely no context for it then. At least now I understand the South a little better, but I'm still pretty stumped by this one...

3. looking forward to a Day of Great Natural Peace with Joe Zarantonello in a couple of weeks

4. starting to stand in my own truth - a phrase that popped into my head the other day and has been really powerful for me. Something about the physicality of it. I was delighted to see it echoed in today's Tricycle Daily Dharma: "It [metta/lovingkindness] relies on our ability to open continuously to the truth of our actual experience, not cutting off the painful parts, and not trying to pretend things are other than they are." ~ Sharon Salzberg/Joseph Goldstein, Commit to Sit: Metta

5. I started the "five (really) good things" posts in response to wonderful Liz Lamoreaux's original idea a while back. It was fun to see her do another list again this week. She is full of really good things!