Thursday, February 17, 2011

Imperfection celebration


We flew to Kansas City last weekend to visit my dear mother-in-law whose health is failing. It was a hard visit, but there were some funny moments. One was at the airport when I grabbed our suitcase off the carousel. It felt like something was vibrating inside. Now, the whole thing with TSA is to make sure there aren't bombs in suitcases, not to put them in there, so I wasn't really worried, just kind of confused. I decided it must just have been picking up a vibration in the airport, since I was pulling it by the handle and it was in contact with the floor.

Eventually it seemed strange enough to me that I picked it up by the handle. Sure enough, it still felt like something was vibrating inside. This was going to be a quick visit, so there really wasn't a whole lot in the suitcase. I started mentally running through the contents: clothes, books, DVDs, walking shoes, various toiletries, and then I remembered my travel toothbrush... Mystery solved!


The fun thing about this experience is that it reminded me of my sweet, Betty White-esque grandma getting pulled off the plane to have her luggage examined years before 9/11, when this little friend got frisky in her suitcase:


Somehow a toothbrush would seem easier to explain... especially since she figured it out as they started going through her luggage and started laughing and announced, "Oh, it's just my vibrator!"