Thursday, February 3, 2011

Imperfection celebration


A while back when I was fueling up at my favorite gas station a truck from a state that tends to get on my nerves anyway had parked in what I felt was a very inconsiderate way, so that I had to really pull the hose way over to get to my car. My bubble of self-righteousness burst as I just got the nozzle near my gas tank and gasoline started gushing all over everything. Turns out I was so caught up in how I was being so put out that I unknowingly started squeezing the handle. Thank goodness I was close enough that I was able to pop it into my tank without making too much of a scene, but the smell of gasoline on my hands for the rest of the drive home was a good reminder that I would do better to just pay attention to the things I have control over - which is pretty much just me:)