Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Photo by Thea Coughlin

Yes, there were people there! Wonderful, inspiring, creative people. And if you click on this picture, you'll see me and almost all of my lovely and amazing cabinmates spread all over the place. One of us is second from the far left between the marvelous creator of Squam Art Workshops, Elizabeth MacCrellish, and my incredible yoga instructor, Michelle Smith. I'm pretty easy to find and then two more are next to each other in the second row from the top in the middle in a fuschia scarf and a pink sweater. Six more are on the stairs and first row on the landing on the right, so three going up the stairs, then a fellow Unraveller who wasn't in our cabin, and the three women next to her in darker colors. My cabinmate who reminded me a lot of Kath is below them sitting on her friend's lap in green with a green scarf. And the last one who was able to make the photo is on the far left corner in the very front. So many beautiful and talented women! I miss them all!