Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Refusing to Choose

It came up in my workshop with Helene Finizio that I've had what I consider trouble in the past sticking with one form of expression in art, as you can see from the range of projects above (just a sampling of paper sculpture, lightcatchers, the infamous Finnegans Wake pop-up project, and baby quilts - there's been more!). In this supportive environment I was able to see that maybe this wasn't really a problem. One of my amazing classmates recommended a book, Refuse to Choose! and suggested that perhaps I was a Scanner. Since I've been home, I've explored a little about this and was really struck by these questions from an article titled "Are You a Scanner?" by the author of Refuse to Choose, Barbara Sher:

"I can never stick to anything."

"I lose interest in things I thought would interest me forever."

"I keep going off on another tangent."

"I get bored as soon as I know how to do something."

"I can't stand to do anything twice."

As Vivian Pickles said in Harold and Maude, "That's you Harold!" Yep, that's me to a "T". I've got this book on hold at the library and am hoping once I learn more, I can embrace my Scanner personality the same way I'm learning to embrace my sensitivity and see it as a strength without apology.