Thursday, September 16, 2010

Squam, Day Two

Photo by Jen Lemen

So today the actual workshops begin and I have the loveliest day of two workshops with Jen Lee. Yes! Jen Lee! I mean, that alone is worth the price of admission, right?:)

In the morning I'm coming the closest to a class you'd expect to take at an art workshop. I mean, at least it's a writing class, sort of: "Storycatching".

There is a way in which stories bring us together. A way in which we sometimes find our own voice in a chorus. If you are on a journey of finding your voice or telling your story, in this class you will find out why you don't have to go it alone. You will learn how to have story catchers and how to be a story catcher.

This class alternates inspiring storytelling and instruction with journal exercises (a chance to slip outside by the water) and engaging group discussion in a comfortable living room setting.

You will learn about access points to courage and cycles of belief. You will find that your stories are a gift and a generous offering. You will discover how to walk the journey hand-in-hand.

Pretty great! And then in the afternoon I'm back for more with "The Care and Keeping of Creative Souls":

Doing creative work is a distinctive kind of journey. Creativity has its own cycles and seasons, its own storms to weather and sunny days to celebrate. This class introduces you to ways of caring for yourself (and your friends) along the journey that are both practical and profound. It will give you tools for navigating the terrain of a creative life.

Well-cared-for artists are prolific artists.

Come join us and learn how to get unblocked and untangled, how to keep yourself healthy and balanced all along the way.

Then a lovely dinner and there's a coffee house in the evening. What more can a girl ask for?