Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where I am


Oh, how I love three day weekends! And ones where the sun peeks out and the snow is melting and so far nothing too alarming on the Accuweather horizon (although I shouldn't jinx it...) and I have interesting streaming Netflix movies in my queue and an easy pork roast for my sweetie ready to go today and fun projects to work on and there's just a general feeling of lightness and ease. Ah! And every day we're getting over a minute more light. Honestly, right in this moment I'm feeling completely satisfied and content. I have to celebrate it, before my delightful little mind goes squirreling around for something to chew on and worry about... We all have our areas of expertise.

This week was the beginning of Winter Dream Lab and I'm planning to take some time today and review all the audio and skim through Brene's book to refresh myself and then work on some of the activities. I'm not great at following all the comments in the online space, but I adore having fun, beautiful, inspiring messages show up in my email all week. And I enjoy the activities when I do them...

I'm reading Wayne Muller's Learning to Pray these days and am loving it! He's going word-by-word through the Lord's Prayer and helping demystify it for me. I grew up saying this prayer. My mom had us start saying it every night at bedtime after my parents split up. I can't say I really took to this practice and my big achievement was being able to say it all in one breath.

But I teared up on the bus this week as I read it and could hear my sister's sweet childhood voice in my head, slowly and carefully saying the words. And how we used to sing it (again with the lovely Father Perry). Wayne Muller is just my guy these days and I've found myself calling on this prayer during my everyday life this week. Will wonders never cease? I tell you, this life is one beautiful ride. Hope you're having a great weekend, whether it is long or short, up or down, or in-between.