Sunday, January 9, 2011

five (really) good things


The theme today is gratitude. There are so many things I'm feeling grateful for today, but here are five:

1. God in the form of people who come fix things in my house that I can't fix. We are so lucky to have over the years built something of a team of kind, honest people who care for our house. This week I'm especially grateful for my wonderful plumber and a toilet that's flushing like it's brand spanking new:)

2. Artists who make quiet, powerful films, like Ostrov, which I thoroughly enjoyed and did indeed feel nourished by listening to, as well as watching. Although I will say it's a bit of a tough watch in the winter, just because it's so easy to feel vicariously freezing cold.

3. A beautiful palm/tarot card reader who totally opened her heart to me yesterday and set my soul at ease. Also grateful to a very special art gallery owner who volunteers with me at my job and made sure I got a session with said beautiful palm/tarot card reader at her gallery opening last night.

4. Amazing advocates for the homeless who create powerful experiences like this one we thoroughly enjoyed last night, too. And grateful to the photographer whose artwork we will be lucky enough to hang in our home come February. She captured a beautiful view of Nashville that we'll enjoy for many years.

5. People who share their vulnerabilty and in the process share their wisdom, as Elizabeth Gilbert does in this short article.

And I'm also grateful for you! Hope you're having a beautiful day.