Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happiness experiment

I read a great interview with change-maker Britt Bravo a couple of days ago (isn't that a great name?) and haven't been able to get a couple of sentences from it out of my mind:

My final piece of advice is to follow your curiosity, and notice the things that make you happy. They really are clues leading you to work, and a way of living that you love.

I realized that I often have a rather stern internal "it's good for you" approach to not following the things that make me happy. Where did I get this idea? From having to eat my veggies when I was little or having to take classes I didn't always enjoy in school? Or having to go to work 40 hours a week as an adult?:) Well, I can't always do the things that make me happy I guess (like lounge around and watch movies all day every day, which some part of me thinks I'd love to do), but I can certainly notice them! That does seem like a good first step. And then maybe the times when they're possible and the only thing holding me back is that internal meanie, I could actually let myself do them... and enjoy it!