Friday, June 11, 2010


Time to get honest here. Mainly with myself. As I'd suspected, the 21.5.800 project was a little ambitious. So I'm making some adjustments to stay involved in a way that feels healthy to me. It's been my plan all along to do 30 Days of Yoga, which starts tomorrow, and I started the yoga and writing project on Monday, so that's an additional 5 days = 35. 7 is because I'm planning to do some form of yoga every day. Some days that will just be savasana and that is totally fine with me. I'll know those days. And the 800 words thing just stressed me out. It became clear that just setting aside a period of time each day would at least get me writing, which has been great. I asked myself how much time I thought I could honestly devote to journaling every day, and I came up with 20 minutes. As an act of kindness to myself I made it 15. This adjustment feels right and nourishing.

I've been inspired by some really honest blog posts recently from Jen Lemen. And Marianne Elliott's post today so resonated it made me a little teary. You might enjoy them, too, but only if you have time. Be kind to yourself. We all deserve it.