Tuesday, January 1, 2013

true adventure


Happy New Year dear reader!

I'm delighted to announce that my word for 2013 is TRUE. I've found myself more and more drawn to truth the past couple of years, which has even manifested in my lack of interest in fiction and desire to read memoir after memoir. I want to know what really happens to people, how they really feel about it, what their truth is. I'm tired of superficiality, I'm tired of pretending I'm experiencing something I'm not, I'm tired of pretending I am something I'm not. I bought the tote pictured above from the lovely Jen Lee at Squam last fall and I love carrying it around. It does feel like my creed: Just be true.

I love the definitions for TRUE: steadfast, loyal, honest, just, essential, rightful, accurate. And there's even a verb form: to make level, square, balanced, or concentric. Ah, I'm in love!

Last night I attended a New Year's Eve Taizé service that included a labyrinth walk - totally amazing:

New Year's Eve Taize Service and Labyrinth

I've never attended a Taizé service before, but they've been recommended to me as a contemplative Christian service. As soon as I heard that the New Year's Eve service included a labyrinth, I knew I had to go. And I'm so delighted I did. I let go of all expectations and totally opened to my truth of the experience and here's what I loved about it: the labyrinth was a really powerful form of walking meditation and the music put me in a very quiet, open place, plus I loved the tranquil celebration of the changing of the year in community.

It would have been very easy for me to look at the other people there and try to emulate my interpretation of their experience as they knelt in the middle of the labyrinth with palms open. I could feel myself trying to ramp up some kind of mystical experience. But that's not my truth. My truth is often silent and this service took me to a very deep place of silence. And I will be back. I love my Wednesday nights with the Insight Meditation Group and I look forward to going to more Taizé services. That's my truth.

Another true love of mine is getting out in nature. Last weekend Rodg and I took advantage of a rare sunny day and hit a local trail we've been curious about. Here are some photos from our walk. Hope you enjoy! And Happy 2013!

berries and sun

view above hidden lake

ruin and weeds

view at hidden lake