Tuesday, January 29, 2013

nourishment adventure

dear people

I'm one of those lucky souls who has a great relationship with their siblings. These two amazing people are so dear to my heart it makes me teary on a regular basis. And I had the delightful good fortune to get to spend this past weekend with them, which doesn't happen too often since we're spread all over the globe. Today I'm feeling so full up from time with them and my sister's wonderful family, from time away from the regular bourgeois stresses and strains of my life, and likely from time away from a lot of the technology that distracts me. Once again, I've been in the lovely travel zone of in-the-moment. Plus, I read two Sun magazines and caught up on my sleep. Ah! And now it feels so great to be home with my sweetie. Hooray for travel and hooray for coming home!