Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday's Inspiration Celebration

As I mentioned on Friday, my dear and amazing sister recently turned me on to Cheryl Richardson's interview with Julia Cameron. Of course, I immediately listened to it and then requested a copy of Cameron's new book, The Creative Life, from the library. It was such a fun read! She describes it in the interview as a creative diary, and that's what it is. It's a window into her day-to-day life - her visits with friends and family and what she's thinking and feeling. I found it to be a lovely and intimate book, capturing how one woman is living her creative life and possibly giving the reader ideas on how they could live theirs.

The fun thing about listening to the interview and reading the book is how it opened my heart. And the timing was good, on the heels of finishing Brene Brown's incredible Gifts of Imperfection. Brene writes a lot about the necessity of not caring about what other people think and not trying to be "cool". In fact, in the book or maybe in her interview with Jamie Ridler and possibly in both, she says that she has become what she used to make fun of, taking photography classes and doing yoga. This was big for me, because there's something about the earnestness of Cameron's philosophy that can bring out the cityslicker Scorpio cynic in me. I can stay away from things because of some weird stereotype I've created about "those" people who do "that". It's kind of like the bully who really would like to join in, but can't get past their woundedness to allow themselves to be vulnerable and risk looking foolish or not fitting in. There was something very healing about connecting with the kind of awkward sincerity of Cameron and I'm very grateful for it. It opened my heart and my world and brought in all kinds of possibilities - cool, uncool, whatever.

I also had to watch a video of her, since her voice was so not what I expected from her author photo. In case you're hankering after a video, too, here's one I enjoyed.