Thursday, December 16, 2010

Imperfection celebration

This is a legendary story that you may have already heard, but humor me:) So I took ballet when I was in elementary school. One day in class I was very pleased with myself at the end of an exercise I thought I'd done quite well at. When the instructor said "Good job, Anne!" (my middle name was Ann) I said "Thanks, but my name isn't Ann." And of course, he said that he'd been talking to my classmate, Anne. Oh, that was a bad one, although it's funny now.

I love this photo where I'm playing violin in my ballet outfit. My husband has one where he's playing piano in his football uniform. Hilarious. But it also reminds me of a sad violin story. My parents came to my violin recital in which I just totally faked playing. Afterwards my mom said that it had been very good, but that one person didn't really seem to be playing. I bluffed at the time, but if you're reading this, Mom, it was me. Although I think you may have known it already:)