Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Those fabulous Spring women keep coming up with great questions. Here's another good one: How are you generous to yourself?

These days I'm generous to myself in ways that might seem a little counter-intuitive:

-I'm generous by giving myself a V-8 in the afternoon instead of a piece of chocolate

-I'm generous by getting up at 4:30am to exercise instead of sleeping in an extra 45 minutes

-I'm generous by really letting myself feel uncomfortable emotions with a lot of compassion instead of immediately distracting myself

I'm learning that all of these things that seem sort of unkind actually are the nicest things I can do for myself. Taking good care of myself with diet, exercise, and being with myself have had such clear pay-off for me, that it makes it easier and easier for me to make these kinds of generous decisions.

How are you generous with yourself?