Friday, November 12, 2010

five senses friday

Thanks to Rodger for the use of another great photograph of his and thanks to Jeanine and Abby for this wonderful way to process a roller-coaster of a week...


Puckett's delicious chicken & dressing with green beans and corn cake - such good comfort food!


that classic "new car" smell in my new-to-me Honda Civic - yes, the end of an era...


some last beautiful golden leaves illuminated with lovely morning light


heartbroken over the loss of my sweet car-friend Georgie, excited about my new car-friend Joy


Mulatu Astatke over Joy's speakers and pretending that I'm Bill Murray in Broken Flowers

Goodness, thirteen years is a long time - we all look so young... Fare thee well, Georgie! You were a loyal, sweet friend. I will miss you.