Saturday, February 16, 2013

film love experiment


This week I was finally able to snap this photo that's been haunting me for a couple of weeks. I walk past this little combination of shapes and life in the morning when I get off the bus, but I'm usually with other people and don't feel I can whip out my camera and take the time I'd like. But the perfect opportunity arose this past week and once I had my camera out, everything became outrageously beautiful to me. Capturing simple, everyday beauty is definitely a true love of mine.


I also came down with one of the various bugs floating around these days, but I think I got off easy. Still I was laid low yesterday and the only thing that really worked for me was napping and watching movies on my Kindle Fire. (Oh, definitely that little gizmo is another true love of mine!) I watched a few little independent-type movies you might enjoy - consistently solid performances from wonderful actors and stories of alienation, longing, and connection. In other words, real life: The Giant Mechanical Man, Goats, and Take This Waltz. And today, while I'm much better, but still needing some rest, I watched the lovely Salmon Fishing in the Yemen on DVD. Oh, it's not news to any of you how much I love movies!

And some things never change. Even though I didn't handle film for any of these things I truly love, I'm still a girl who calls a CD a record. Heck, at this point even a CD is old school, isn't it?