Sunday, June 3, 2012

on adventure


After my lovely, lovely lazy weekend, this week was ON full force. But the good news is that it all went well and now I have a day to catch my breath. And next week has the possibility to be a much calmer affair, thank goodness.

Part of what made this week go well, despite the quantity of things that needed to be done, was that for the most part I kept one thing very simple - what was going through my mind. Instead of adding crazy to crazy, I found I was able to tap into a spacious, quiet mental state (once I noticed the usual mental circus performers getting assembled). And it was quite a relief.

I had a great moment recently when this point was really driven home for me. The week before last when I was leaving for work I noticed that I didn't hear the familiar hum of our radon fan. So I called and left a message for the fellow who put it in and when I was looking up his number online noticed some less-than-happy Angie's List reviews, so I jotted down a number for a better-rated company as a back-up plan. Sure enough, I didn't get a call back that day, so the next morning before calling this new company I thought I'd just look at the fan and exhaust tube to see if there were any clues there. And I'm so glad I did, because right next to the fan I saw the switch pictured above. And guess what? Yes, some little creature had knocked the switch to OFF. So I did the logical thing and set it back to ON, listened to the fan start right up, and we've been in business since. So simple. And it reminded me that so much of my life could be that simple and that I have a gift for over-complicating things. Anyway, this image has stuck with me lately and so I've just tried to set the switch to ON and keep going.

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