Saturday, March 17, 2012

shadow adventure

city shadow

nature shadow

My poor sweet husband had to experience my shadow side on Tuesday evening when I melted down after too many six-day work weeks. Knowing that I have several more to come, I re-committed myself to my joy adventure, slowing down and simplifying as much as possible to be able to be present and feel the joy in my very full week. And there was a lot to enjoy:

A trip Cheekwood to see...


the Japanese garden...

flowering quince

where the cherry tree was in full bloom...

japanese garden

and hear an inspiring talk by a truly lovely young French artist, Mathilde Roussel, whose authenticity was so refreshing. No posing, just passion.

[Photo from]

Then there was T.C. Boyle's talk/performance at the library, which was a lot like this (down to the yellow blazer):

And bookmaking workshops with an amazing visiting artist from Portland, Oregon, Helen Hiebert:


Truly my cup runneth over. Each of these lovely people did a beautiful job of expressing to me their joy in seeing the world in their own special way and following their bliss. And they're all making the world a better place for it. Message received.