Sunday, March 11, 2012

more joy adventure

sun flower

I think I may be getting the hang of this joy thing! This week my joy adventure included two dinners with good friends, a trip to a local museum with tears at the beautiful art (especially a painting of my favorite skyline), a walk to look at the flowering trees, a massage, an awesome book, a completely delightful movie, an amazing gift of an hour with my dear Mr. Hadley, and a program at work complete with surprise guest performer that was over-the-top fun. Amazing how much happier my life is when I do the things that bring me joy. It's so obvious, but how often do we do it, really? And I loved how the universe got in on the action, too, bringing several of these joyful moments into my life completely unexpectedly. Ah, life, you delight me!



under stairs ironwork

hyacinth happiness

Thomas Maupin at the NPL

Royal Lao Orchestra at the NPL

McDonald Craig at the NPL

Oh, and here's a cool video!