Sunday, July 3, 2011

relaxing adventure

wise words at crystal cove

farm-fresh slaw in the making

Ah! Hooray for a long weekend and having made it through an intense month. The last program was wonderful and inspiring. Anyone who fearlessly uses the words "love" and "intimacy" when describing landscape architecture is tops in my book.

And so now I'm just relaxing. I declared this "independence from cooking weekend" and loaded up at the local HoneyBaked Ham store yesterday, although I did just make a couple of salads with the delicious veggies we got from our farmers.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the Fear Cleanse and the Centering Prayer class! It's pretty amazing the level of interactivity that's possible in online classes these days. The Fear Cleanse utilizes some kind of great telecom package so we can actively participate in the weekly calls. And I'm a total sucker for the way the Centering Prayer class is set up. Had I received this as a print workbook with DVDs and CDs I can guarantee that the workbook wouldn't have any writing in it, but since I'm used to typing 750 truth-filled words every day all the boxes in Session 1 are filled in. The embedded videos are perfect. So, I'm getting everything out of these classes that I'd hoped for. Definitely looking forward to the photography classes that start on the 11th.

There's also been some great wisdom out there on the blogs I love. Here are some highlights:

"I'm learning how to let go, to do less, to lay down and stare at the ceiling and to sit down and stare out the window. I'm learning how to listen, how to ask and how to receive." ~Jen Lee

"What kind of good can I do in the world today?" ~Susan Piver

"Take your expectations, and throw them in the ocean." ~Leo Babauta

And I just can't get enough of that fabulous Goddess Leonie! Loved all the podcasts she lists in this post. (I had trouble listening right from the posts, but they worked great through iTunes...)

Hope you're all enjoying a fun and safe 4th! Have a wonderful week!