Sunday, July 10, 2011

July adventure

joy and gratitude

Continuing to soak up and savor all the goodies that July has been bringing me. I'm also really exploring the feeling of receiving and not pushing so hard. Messages like this one keep arriving at my doorstep:

"Try and be a sheet of paper with nothing on it.
Be a spot of ground where nothing is growing,
where something might be planted,
a seed, possibly, from the Absolute."
~ Rumi, from the lovely Poetry Chaikhana website dear Katie turned me on to a while back

And this advice to all of us perfectionist INFJs out here, from the book Prayer and Temperament that my sweet Mom shared with me during a recent visit:

"Try to enjoy whatever happens without worry, anxiety, or hurry."

Okay, so this could be the work of a lifetime for me, but I welcome the encouragement:) Hope you all have a beautiful, restful, soul-filled week!