Sunday, June 19, 2011

self care adventure

Threads of a Story exhibit

I'm no runner, but getting through this June I'm reminded of watching the Boston Marathon as it pounded past my apartment years ago. At this point my head is down and I'm concentrating on the finish line. While I know there is magic and beauty going on around me, most of my focus right now is on endurance. Self care is having to take the front seat - conserving my energy and making sure this introvert is getting enough silence, solitude, and stillness. And story. So while I'm delighted that the second exhibit is up and looks beautiful and has been received with much inspiration and delight from the public, the best parts of this week for me have been these quiet hours of restoration, alone in my house with my sweetie, sleeping until I'm not tired anymore, watching Somewhere and Blue Valentine, catching up with my Sun Magazine reading, volunteering, getting in my 750 Words a day (thanks for the amazing tip, Molly!), and keeping up with my meditation and stretching daily practices. Oh, and capturing some images that delighted me...

iron gate and steps

watch out!

horseman on the hill

culture clash

Yes, that is Ganesha on the right:) Have a wonderful week, everybody! And a very happy Father's Day to all you wonderful dads out there!