Sunday, June 5, 2011

relief adventure

So as I mentioned last week, there's been a project that has been looming over my head for about a year and a half. Every time I thought of it my stomach would drop and I'd feel a sense of dread so strong that my brain would pretty much stop working. This project felt completely overwhelming to me. So I tried something new. I asked for help. A local curator helped get me pointed in the right direction and a talented graphic designer and friend made it look consistent and beautiful. And so here it is (not a great image, but what I could quickly snap yesterday with a patron in the gallery). Hooray, it looks like an exhibit! And it actually tells some great stories. I'm really pleased with it.

Envisioning a Great Library exhibit

In addition to the show opening, I also coordinated a couple of big programs last week that went well and the folks attending seemed to have a great time. I certainly didn't achieve perfection with any of this, but my heart was in it all and open to it all, and I was OK with the glitches. It felt more real, alive, and interesting.

program flowers

And so now I have a wonderful day of rest, which also happens to be my 17-year wedding anniversary! I feel like the luckiest lady on earth today. Thank you for everything, sweetie!!

flowers from my sweetie