Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sudoku - who knew? or, Nonie - is that you?

So I'm pretty much always one to stay away from a fad. I watch most popular movies years after they come out, if at all (never seen Titanic...). And I'm not really a puzzle person, although I'm sure Rodg remembers me sometimes doing the TV Guide crossword puzzles all those years ago when our cable actually worked and our priorities still needed some fine tuning ("Bosom __"). But recently some wonderful friends sent us a big care package, which included among many fabulous things a Dalai Lama quotation of the day calendar. And the only thing better than a Dalai Lama quotation of the day calendar is a Dalai Lama quotation of the day calendar that has puzzles on the back of each day's quotation. And this is where Sudoku walked into my life.

I think everyone chalks at least some of my now late grandma Nonie's longevity and mental sharpness up to her love of crossword puzzles. Sadly, other than TV Guide's puzzles, I'm totally hopeless with them. BUT I do have a secret fondness for numbers. And back before PacMan I had a Merlin, which I loved and could play with for hours. And my hunch is that a lot of that was math. I was amazed at how my brain and the game seemed to communicate without me really understanding why, if that makes any sense. I just think I have an intuitive feeling for some kinds of math-y/logic-y games like this, which is maybe why when I flipped over a recent Dalai Lama quotation of the day and saw a Sudoku puzzle rated easy I picked up a pencil, googled the basic rules of Sudoku and jumped in. And I have to warn you, I'm slightly addicted. But what I wonder if this is just coincidence or if Nonie's passions are being spread out to other people in the family, too. It looks like I got puzzles. Who's started craving Cream of Wheat for breakfast?