Friday, January 22, 2010

21 Days

I'm honestly not sure how I stumbled upon 21 Days, but I'm glad I did. It started on January 15th and is in week two, but no reason not to tune in now and get caught up if it strikes your fancy. So far my favorite day is "just pootling". Here's more information from the website about the project:

21 days is a daily practice, a series of posts over three weeks. One week each for mind, body and spirit. Starting on 15th January, following a New Moon Solar Eclipse, each day will bring a different theme to consider.

You can join in!

There’s a daily journal prompt – you may like to blog about this or write privately in your journal. It’s up to you.

Or you may want to take a photograph that represents the theme for you.

You may wish to work on the theme for just one day or some themes may require deeper contemplation.

21 days is an accompaniment to a series of the whole self workshops called the end, the beginning and the source.

If you'd like to join in, you can start any time. Start at the beginning or start where you feel inspired.

The whole self is about my journey to understanding that creativity is a route to the source, the soul, to god, to divinity. It started several years ago although I had no idea at the time. I came up with the name the whole self as something holistic and with a vague idea about teaching creativity. I wrote course content, researched, worked with a life coach but there was a gap and I didn’t know how to fill it.

2009 was a year of transformation. The whole self was nudging me again. It had been on a back burner all this time. My notes were still in a folder on my laptop. But this time it was different. Creativity was important but it wasn’t about teaching creativity. It was about using it as a tool. Once I understood that, the flood gates opened. Every book I picked up told me more. Websites were all about the same theme. I was being guided by unseen hands all the time. Some days it reached almost ridiculous proportions as I’d pick up book after book only for them to be saying exactly the same thing. I was on a steep learning curve and I was most definitely being educated. There were nights when I’d spend hours at my computer reading site after site, each one linking me through to the next. What I was discovering wasn’t new. In fact, many people already knew what I was discovering (Deepak Chopra, Julia Cameron, Wayne Dyer to name but a few).

21 days is the next step in the journey.