Sunday, September 29, 2013

dancing adventure


This is another busy weekend full of a reception at work yesterday and getting a couple of mid-term papers done, so I thought I'd share one of my recent school assignments with you. We were asked to do some active imagination on a dream to create a 300-word story. This story is an accurate rendering of my dream through the end of the 4th paragraph - the last 2 came out of my imaginative work. I think you'll all be amused that I have a dog in this dream! Enjoy!

“Idiot!” shrieked the ping pong ball-sized spider sitting on my bathroom counter.

My immediate impulse was to try squishing it, but that seemed very messy, plus I’d taken a vow of non-violence and anyway it seemed to have something to tell me. The spider ran past me, down the hall, taunting me along the way.

I caught up with it in the kitchen, where it was sitting on top of my stove. “You’re a stupid fool!” it cried again in a surprisingly menacing, squeaky voice. This was one mean spider.

I managed to catch it in a small glass bowl and saw my golden retriever by my side. “Here,” I offered the dish to him, hoping he’d get me out of this mess and gobble it up. He looked at me like I was crazy and I wondered if maybe he couldn’t see the spider – it was a glowing yellow color – or maybe dogs just don’t like eating bugs.

Normally I practice catch and release with household pests, but they don’t ordinarily talk to me. Not knowing what else to do, I asked the spider if there was anything more it wanted to tell me, besides calling me names. At that point he clammed up, crossing some of his arms, pushing his lips together, and turning his head to the side. Clearly this approach wasn’t going to work, either.

Maybe he’d like something to eat? But what do you feed a spider? I guess they like other bugs, but I couldn’t find any around. So out of desperation I thought maybe I’d just put on some music. There was a reggae album by the stereo from the night before, which I put it in the CD player and the spider climbed up on my shoulder and we started to dance.