Sunday, November 18, 2012

stuck adventure

fuzzy legs

(Photo of my legs by my dear nephew, Tobin)

Sorry for the silence from over here, but I find I'm a bit stuck on the blog front. On the living front there's been lots of activity - a fun trip to see dear family, birthdays, reading and enjoying lots of amazing input from the universe - but when I try to figure out how to express it in a post here, it's eluding me. I guess it's all too big to be summed up - no one heading captures it all.

Fall has traditionally been a hard time for me. I really dread the short days. But lately I've started to see the gift it offers, the invitation to slow down and bring one's energy inward, to take stock of the year's activity and perhaps set an intention for the new year. It can be a time to treasure the more subtle pleasures of life and I must admit I'm ready for that.

One of the lovely gifts this fall has brought to me is Anne Lamott's newest book: Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers. What a jewel - small and packed with classic Annie goodness. And here's a video that dear Camille shared with me - with Cheryl Strayed no less! And one exciting tidbit is that Ms. Strayed (aka Sugar!) is going to be at the library this spring. Truly my cup runneth over!