Tuesday, September 18, 2012

squam adventure

path flowers

This is what I want to say about Squam:

early morning dock

I love this place - the land, the lake, the trails, the cabins, the trees, the list goes on...

brae cove from lake

I love the people - dear friends, new friends, amazing, inspiring people all around...

dock with amazing cabinmates

I love the workshops - the support, the challenge, the processing, the integration. Intuition and Creativity with the lovely Marie Manuchehri and Earth Art with the equally lovely Penny Dullaghan was the Perfect Combination. And yummy Gentle Yoga with another lovely woman, Michelle Madden Smith, was the icing on the cake!

proud artist

release acorn swirl before

release acorn swirl after

I love the food - two words: Breakfast. Potatoes.

arthur's way

I love looking forward to it and I love the after-effects - how it resonates and ripples through my spirit long after my return home.

airport moose

Thank you, dear Squam, and all the incredible people who move mountains to create this space for us. I am so grateful.