Saturday, September 8, 2012

indeterminacies adventure


The highlight of the week was most definitely Rodg's amazing performance at Zeitgeist Gallery with our dear friend Sam Byrd! We had been looking forward to the evening for months and months, which made it almost surreal when the day finally came! And we were definitely not disappointed. As you can see in the photo, Rodg got to play a real piano, which was very fun and of which he took full advantage. Unfortunately, Sam is pretty well hidden by his drum kit, but you can see another wonderful friend, Stan Link (in white), who is a local composer and professor and who moderated the talk - he did an awesome job. How often do I get to be compared to Yoko Ono? The standing-room-only audience seemed to really enjoy the evening, which included lots of great conversation. (And you may also notice a surprise element. Event organizer Lesley Beeman thought it would make it even more interesting to invite some dancers to come do their thing - and to keep it a secret from the musicians... Ah, chance elements!)