Sunday, April 22, 2012

mountains/metal/medicine adventure

Lizzy with Walking Stick

Photographs by Rodg

I've been feeling like I've been needing some good healing lately and there's nothing like a road trip to blow out the cobwebs in one's psyche. Our Mountains/Metal weekend bonanza did just that! In fact, at one point I stopped and asked myself if it was possible that we'd fallen off the mountain and died a dramatic death - it just felt too good to be true how everything was working out so perfectly. But we seem to have survived and here's some photographic evidence from my humble camera. Check out Rodg's amazing description of our fabulous weekend getaway for more details. Enjoy!

perfect spot

feast for my eyes

the best traveling companion

indoor outdoor bliss

lovely twist

tiny beauty

And I really feel like I need to share the concert experience with those who might be interested. It was a lot like this:

And this:

Also, I watched this video while we were away (I'll have to rave about my Kindle Fire in another post) and just have to share here in case anyone hasn't seen it yet. What an awesome story!