Friday, April 6, 2012

body adventure

good friday self portrait

I'm so grateful for this dear animal self that gets me from place to place and gives me a location in which to wake up each day. But I don't always show it the respect it deserves. I can turn against it when it doesn't do what I think it should do, although I do think I've been a better friend lately. And this dear friend has been helping me learn to slow down, to take things less seriously, and to enjoy the simple pleasures, like a good stretch.

After finishing up the Hadley exhibit, I realized that I hadn't been listening to my body and had pushed it way too far. I can tell this has happened when I get really speedy and just can't slow down. I researched adrenal fatigue and was delighted by the list of things suggested to help my body heal. It included laughing, chewing more, and doing something fun every day (yep, definitely an inspiration for the Joy Adventure).

And I just have to mention Claire Weekes here. I'd received an email from a publisher I enjoy purchasing materials from recommending a book on dealing with anxiety and stress, but when I went to Amazon to read some reviews several people mentioned how much more helpful Claire Weekes' work had been to them. My library had one of her audio sets at a local branch, so I picked it up that day and I'm a believer! If you suffer from panic and you're not familiar with this delightful, Australian, no-nonsense physician, visit this page and check out the samples. Her tough, compassionate voice is just the advocate some of us need.

So between learning to pass through panic, exercising 30 minutes a day, sitting for 20 minutes a day, and getting back to Marianne Elliott's excellent yoga routine, I'm feeling a lot more unified with my body these days. And so the Joy Adventure continues...

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