Sunday, May 29, 2011

beautiful adventure

Halloween Girls
Painting copyright Murat Kaboulov

"Nothing fascinates and inspires me more than human nature. Storms and calm of the human soul are the preeminent subjects of my art."
~ Murat Kaboulov

When I walked into a wonderful local gallery a couple of weeks ago, the last thing I was expecting to do was to fall deeply in love with a painting. But when I saw "Halloween Girls" it was as if I had found a long-lost treasure. I felt a deep recognition - there was my soul on the wall. All the people I carry in me, the witch, the gold-star girl, the wild animal, were looking back at me, beautifully. And so, to make a long story short, the painting now hangs on my bedroom wall and I love to lie in bed and look at it. Every time I walk past it it makes me smile. It makes my life feel more beautiful.

This is a big thing for me. Being given gallery duties at my job has had me worried in the past that it could take away some of the joy from my connection with art. I do feel like my creative impulse has changed for my own work now that I spend so much creative energy at my workplace. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, to be paid for being creative and for a much larger audience, but the projects I'm asked to work on often aren't my own ideas, although some do become something of my own creation. And my patience with artists sometimes runs a little thin... So it has been a real joy to reconnect with my deep passion for art, for the power a piece of art can have on one's life. It also doesn't hurt that a huge project that's been hanging over my head and terrifying me is looking pretty good these days. More on that next weekend...

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Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

witch detail

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