Saturday, April 17, 2010

Little Bee

I picked up Little Bee in the John Wayne Airport on my way home a couple of weeks ago, knowing I was going to finish Devotion and not wanting to be stranded mid-flight without a good book. I will admit I bought it for the fabulous cover and the rave blurbs. Didn't even peek at the writing itself, which could have been a disaster. But I loved it. And I love this video about the book by the author, Chris Cleave. Totally worth watching if you have any interest in reading the book and are nervous about the difficult content of the story. What a lovely man.

Quick update. Should you feel moved to help a refugee family about to be reunited and another beautiful story, click here. Jen Lemen befriended Odette years ago when she asked to borrow Jen's phone one day in a playground. It turned into a deep friendship and appears to have powerfully changed Jen's life. Not unlike the story in Little Bee, actually...