Sunday, December 27, 2009

That Bird Has My Wings

One of the many wonderful Christmas gifts I received this year from my sweetie is Jarvis Jay Masters's book, That Bird Has My Wings. Jarvis is a prisoner on death row in San Quentin. He is also a Buddhist, an amazing man who is friends with Pema Chodron and has taken a vow to help others -- a challenging task in the violent atmosphere of the prison system. Jarvis's story is so sad that as I find myself in this little island of love and peace in his memoir, I don't want to pick it up again because I know how terrible it is going to get -- I want to let that happy, loved little boy get some more time in the care of his devoted foster parents. In the meanwhile, I'll share a few things about the book here.

Interview with Jarvis Jay Masters, author of THAT BIRD HAS MY WINGS